When will I see you again?

    Echosave lets you save a video message for your loved ones to tell them how much you cared.

    Watch our video below for why you should do this.

    It’s important and that’s why we don’t charge.

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All members can leave a free single farewell video message for their loved ones.


1. Register

With your email address

2. Create Account

On receipt of acknowledgment email you will be able to create your account

3. Trustees

Privately register your next of kin, trustees or solicitor details

4. Upload

Securely upload your first video


You have the ability to upload a max size of 200mb, which is around a 2 minute video recording.
Be happy! This is a keepsake and meant to celebrate you life and loved ones. Memories, future wishes and things you’d wished you had the chance to say.
Why wouldn't you? It's free to upload a video and offers "the just in case" chance to say what you would have wanted to say.
Forever (until it is retrieved by your loved ones)
Yes of course. Simply log in and upload your new video. It will overwrite your previous one though!
Full encryption upon upload and protected until retrieval stage.
We will contact you once a year for proof of life.
They will be contacted by Echosave and given a retrieval link.
No it doesn’t. This is a video only service. We strongly recommend that you write a will if you do not have one in place.


Subscribed members can sign in by clicking the button below. Here you can upload videos, edit your profile and add important trustee info.

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